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Do you have concerns about arts education access in your community?

Fill out the form so we can help!

Reasons to fill out the form may include, but are not limited to:
  • Canceled arts classes or lack of arts classes
  • Schedules or significant scheduling changes that make it difficult for students to participate in arts courses or activities
  • Students in specialized programs (ex: ELL) being unable to participate in arts classes due to program requirements or special scheduling requirements
  • Arts teachers being reassigned to other subjects without replacement
  • Arts teacher positions being eliminated from the school
  • Inadequate materials, supplies, or resources for school classes pertaining to the arts
  • Abrupt cancellation of programming
The purpose of this form is to document any arts education iniquities in NJ.

In NJ, all public school students are entitled to arts education in dance, media arts, music, theatre, and visual arts.

Please complete this form if you have concerns about arts education access in your school/community.

Arts Ed NJ will use this evidence to inform our advocacy efforts. AENJ can also provide strategies to those interested in a follow up.

Your Personal information will remain confidential unless you give us express permission to share it.
What is your role within the arts education ecosystem?
Has there been any local news coverage of this? Would you like Arts Ed NJ to follow up with you about this situation? If no, please refer us to someone else who may be able to discuss the issue.