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Advocacy Roundtable: Student Voices

Listening directly to students is a vital element of arts education advocacy, and the work we do is strengthened when we remember to center the needs and experiences of students. The Student Roundtable video series hosted by Arts Ed NJ provides a first-hand opportunity to hear student voices discuss creativity, arts education, and advocacy. The videos were originally recorded live and remotely, and feature both high school and university students in dialogue with Arts Ed NJ facilitators.

The March 2022 Student Voices Roundtable features a discussion about the state of arts education in New Jersey.

Students from Columbia High School’s Special Dance Company talk about what dance has provided for them through the pandemic.

The September 2021 Student Voices Roundtable features discussion on the documentary “Beyond the Boundaries: Arts Education Through a Pandemic.”

July 2021 Artist of the Month Camila Garcia discusses her portfolio.

The third session of the Student Voices Roundtable from July 2021.

Alexa Racine of Franklin High School’s Dance Company talks about the impact of dance during times of uncertainty.

This Student Voices Roundtable from November 2020 features discussion from high schoolers about creativity during COVID-19.

September 2020 brought us the first ever Student Voices Roundtable.