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About "Arts Ed Now & for ALL!"

Arts Ed Now & for ALL! is Arts Ed NJ’s statewide campaign of local champions working for access, participation, quality, and equity in arts education in NJ public and charter schools.

Campaign Goals:

    According to state reporting, 51,754 STUDENTS in NJ schools have NO ACCESS TO ANY ARTS COURSES AT SCHOOL. Every student needs access now!

  2. ALL Arts Disciplines in ALL Schools
    It’s the law. The NJ Core Student Learning Standards specify that instruction in
    5 arts disciplines (dance, media arts, music, theatre, & visual arts) be provided throughout K-12 grades in school. Not all schools that offer arts education include all arts disciplines – and they must!
  3. For ALL, BY ALL
    Students should have a say in the policies that affect how arts education is delivered in their schools. Student Champions are at the heart of Arts Ed Now & for ALL! Through the campaign they can learn advocacy skills to amplify their voice and make lasting impact on arts education programs.


Why Arts Education?

Youth are the future and they need all the support they can get right now. We believe arts education changes youth lives for the better by helping them connect to their identity, agency, and a sense of belonging. This supports their overall mental, physical, and social health. It gives them a foundation for the skills they need to succeed. It helps them change their own world and make our world better for the future.

Arts Ed Now & for ALL! is a campaign of Arts Ed NJ and was designed by Social Impact Studios